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Live stream as easily as making a video call

Chat in real time with your customers

Simulcast to your social networks

Use your smartphone to go live to your customers. Easily show a product shot, text overlay, and a video clip right in your broadcast with the touch of a button.

Create a live conversation with your audience of buyers.  Answer questions, build trust and community, and thank customers for their purchase right on screen.

Reach your community by simulcasting your live stream to your Shopify powered site and social pages.

Who should use Rozy?

Experts in Guided Selling  

Bring your expertise to the game, and help people make the right product choices with product demonstrations, creating informed buying decisions.

Vendor with a new Product to Launch

Whether you’re a small business or a big brand, you can use Rozy to make live video announcements and sales. Appear in the videos yourself, or leverage influencers and spokespeople to create buzz and sell more!

Influencers & Creators

You have the followers and the content skills! Now you can easily monetize your brand by selling merchandise. You can get creative and make all kinds of entertaining and educational content. Sell merch while you stream! With social simulcasting, you can reach followers on all social platforms.


Why not?  In China more than one 100,000 farmers are using live streams to sell products like fresh produce.  We’re not saying you should start a farm.  We just thought the stat was pretty cool.



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What is Rozy?

Rozy is your live video app for two-way guided selling. It’s the easiest way for creators and business owners to engage customers in a two-way conversation.  No production skills required. Just be yourself, connect directly with your customers live, and let the sparks fly!

Grow your business through live video

Live video e-commerce is taking off! Why? It takes e-commerce beyond the brochure, and lets you offer awesome customer service interactions with audiences around the globe. From the first ‘pitchmen’ in malls, to the salesperson who always remembers their regular’s names, a direct connection with the buyer always translates to more sales.

Social Streaming

Instantly reach your online communities.  You can simulcast your live video promotion right on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch.  As people arrive at your storefront, they can continue watching, chat directly with you, and purchase by clicking right on the screen.

Optimized for Personalized Selling

Every time someone makes a purchase, they receive a personalized thank you message on their screen.  Buyers can also be shouted out across the broadcast with their name, making them feel like a bigger part of your community. Call your customers by name, and thank them for their purchases in real time.